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How to 

Kill Skin Tags

    It’s not how to kill a mocking bird. It is how to kill skin tags. Before we go on a skin tag killing rampage, let’s first answer the quintessential question: what are skin tags?

    Skin tags are small harmless protrusions that generally measure less than 1cm. They tend to develop in areas where, the skin forms creases. The neck, armpit and groin are the most likely areas, in which, skin tags develop.

    Skin tags can occur on any body part. They tend to occur on dry skin but not exclusively. They can also occur on moist parts of the body like the mouth, natal cleft, vagina, vulva, labia majora and labia minora.

    In scientific literature, skin tags are called acrochorda (singular: acrochordon). Skin tags also go by other names such as fibroepithelial polyps, soft fibromas, cutaneous papilloma and soft tabs.

    Soft fibromas are pretty common. According to the WHO (world health organization) about half of the human race deals with the condition at least once in their lifetime. Some people contract it only once. Others chronically suffer from soft fibromas.

    Just about anybody can be infected by soft fibromas. Children and toddlers can contract it; however, it is more common among middle aged adults. The prevalence of the disease increases as people grow older than 45.

How to Remove Skin Tags

    Skin tabs are harmless, non-contagious, non-malignant tumors. Even when left untreated, they never become cancerous. They do not present any danger to your health. It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend that, you leave your condition untreated.

    Nonetheless, many people still opt to treat their condition for cosmetic reasons. The presence of a single soft fibroma on a visible area such as the face, neck or eyelids can rig havoc to your appearance.

    You can treat soft fibromas with tea tree oil.

    You can purchase tea tree oil from your local grocery. Dip a cotton bud in the tea tree and use it to dab the soft fibroma. Do this at least three times, every day. After a few days or weeks, the soft fibroma will wither and fall off.

     The tea tree oil might burn and sting. If the stinging is too poignant, consider diluting the tea tree oil in some water. A 1:1 dilution ratio is adequate.

    You can also treat your condition with the citric acid in lemon juice.

    Squeeze some lemon juice into a cup. Dip a q-tip into the lemon juice and use it to dab on the soft fibroma. Alternatively, you can slice a lemon fruit and rub it against the soft fibroma.

    Do this several times daily. After a few days, the soft fibroma will start to lose colour and darken. Keep on applying the lemon juice and the tumor will eventually wither and fall off.

    Citric acid is mildly corrosive. It is harmless in small quantities. A few spills on your skin won’t cause you harm; however, avoid the repeated application of lemon juice on the same spot of healthy skin. Repeated doses of citric acid will eventually corrode your skin just like it corrodes the soft fibroma.

Revitol Skin Tags Remover

    Revitol skin tag remover is a potent homeopathic remedy based on the all-powerful active agent thujaoccidentalis. Thujaoccidentalis is an essential oil with widespread applications in dermatology.

    Dermatologists recommend revitol because of its glaring advantages and outstanding track record of effectiveness.

    Unlike citric acid, revitol is not corrosive. The revitol formula is 100% organic and totally painless. Its safety is guaranteed on all skin types. Even children and toddlers can safely use revitol without the slightest risk.

    People, who use revitol, are pleasantly astonished by the soothing and nourishing skin sensation which, they gain from the treatment. Order the advanced revitol formula now and quickly eradicate your skin tags.